Trendy And Cool Hairstyles For Black Girls

All girls want to look beautiful. When it comes to hairstyles for black girls, Trendy hairstyles for black girls there are many cute options. A unique hairstyle that suits your face structure helps you to express your individuality as well as your creativity in a very powerful way.

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Braided hairstyles for black girls is a current trend. If you have small hair, you can go for Bob hairstyle. You may have curly, frizzy, wavy or any other kind of hair, here are some recommendations for popular hairstyles for black girls.

Trendy Hairstyles For Black Girls

Bantu Knots With Two Strand Twists

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For this hairstyle, first you need to shampoo and condition the hair. Remove excess water from the hair and saturate it with a styling product. Now part the hair into two sections and now further part each  section into smaller sections and two strand twist smaller section to form the Bantu knot.

Repeat the above step until all the hair is twisted and knots are formed. Blow dry the hair with a hair dryer. Then remove twists by hand and separate the fluffy hair as required. It is a unique trendy hairstyle for black girls.

CornrowTrendy hairstyles for black girls

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If you have a round face with long or medium hair, you can go with this hairstyle. For cornrow, you can add extensions. You can tuck the ends in bun or roll the ends with sponge rollers. For this, you need to divide the hair into sections and weave the sections into single braids.

This hairstyle is suitable for holiday parties. It is a perfect hairstyle to style black hair. Since most of the black girls have curly hair, this Hairstyle is very suitable for such type of hair. Cornrow hairstyle is known for its easy maintenance and it can go for two or three months.

Goddess Braid

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Goddess braid looks similar to a large inverted cornrow. In this, the hair is not braided completely and a major portion is left flowing. This hairstyle requires synthetic hair as well. For this, separate hair for making a braid. Now separate the hair into two equally thick sections.

Now stay within the section that you have parted for braid, take the synthetic hair and hold it together to make a small braid. When you complete braiding the hair till the end of synthetic hair, cut off flyways and dip the synthetic hair into boiling water. Use hairspray to keep the hair in place. You can add a hair accessory  to complete the look This look is most suitable for wedding parties.

Classic Bob Hairstyle

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This hairstyle is most suitable for a round or oval face and it’s easy to maintain. It never seems to go out of style. This hairstyle look great on black girls with any hair texture and any colour. It goes well for a casual or a formal look.

For this hairstyle, you need to shampoo, condition and blow dry the hair. Apply serum to keep the hair in place. Touch up the hair with hair iron and blow dry with a round brush to maintain the roundness of the Bob. Use a styling gel to give the hair shine and smoothness.


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