Popular Braided Hairstyles For Black Ladies

Popular Braided Hairstyles For Black Ladies

Braided hairstyles continue to be popular. Braided hair, which has not come out of our lives for 2 years, is seen everywhere this season. You’re in the right place if you’re looking for different and cool hair braid styles instead of classic models. Thanks to these hair braid models, all eyes will be in your hair.


Small Hair Weaves (Braided Hairstyles)


You can try this model for a rushing invitation. You can hair weave only one side of your hair in a herringbone pattern, and wave the remaining hair on the other side. You will be the coolest girl of the night thanks to this braid hairstyle you can do in a short time.

Braided knob models


The hair braid models combine with the bun models to reveal practical yet stylish styles. You can also combine classic bun models, which you always use, with hair weaves.

For example, after you have tied your hair in this style, you can plait your hair. Then you can fix this braid with the help of a bobby pin.

Cornrow Braided Hairstyle

We cannot stop the rise of braided hairstyles for black woman trends. Cornrows can be easily done after several attempts, even if they seem difficult at first glance.

This braid style, which looks as thin and flawless as corn grain, can also be used with those with bob cuts, as well as medium and long hair.


If you want to try different types of braid models in the school or going to work, here is the right place “What is the cornrow braid, how is it done?” Below you can find answers to such questions.


Cornrow braid was actually the first confrontation in the 90’s. This style, which is also very popular in those years, has returned to the world of hair trends. Cornrow braids consist of thin braid rows.


The braids resembling the herringbone model are much thinner than the classic braids. You can also get stylish hair models such as knobs, ponytails, and cornrow braids.

How to make a Cornrow Braided Hairstyle?

You should comb your hair before you start your hair braid. You should comb your hair with a thick comb and open your knots if you have. Then determine where the cornrow braids will go and separate this area with a fine comb.


You should tie your hair around the braid so you can plait your hair easily. You can use a hair wax. Now it’s much easier to shape your hair. You should separate your fine hair into 3 equal pieces, and start to hair weave.


You should fix the cornrow braids on the side of your hair with a tiny elastic ponytail holder. It is time to open the half of your hair and enjoy the assertive look.

Medium Box Braids


It is a kind of triple weave which is made by knitting with desired fineness and color and extending well by the addition of synthetic hair. The usage period is 3-6 months. It takes about 8 hours. Hair is an easy-to-use hair model without any harm.


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