Haircut Ideas According to Your Face Shape

Haircut Ideas According to Your Face Shape

You decided to get your hair cut! So what model will you do? There are thousands of haircut ideas and models for black women such as bob haircut, layered, lobe, bangs or pixie?

We want to share a few tips before continue on to our list of short hair models. Short haircuts can be suitable for any type of face if the right model is selected. The haircut ideas is both modern and your face looks proportionate. How is it?

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If you have a round face type, your goal should be to make your face look longer. The model that will show longer than you have your face is a pixie. You can shape by washing. Shape it easily! At the same time, you look so thin that you have a face.


The most suitable model for black women with a heart-shaped face is the bob model. Since the face is incised towards the jaw, the bob cut hair model behind the short front jaw makes the face look more proportionate.


In square face shapes, the aim should be to soften the sharp corners and throw them back. The chin length, moving cuttings are the ones that will be the most suitable for this face type. Absolutely, you must give floors to move your hair.


A short haircut model to be applied on oval face types should be considered. If your neck is thin and long, you can apply a bumpy model.


In long face types, the aim should be to make the face appear shorter than it is. It should be avoided from shorter models than jawline. Hair patterns that end up in the lower part of the jaw or the jaw make the face look shorter. The most suitable model for this face type is the asymmetric cuts where one side is short side and the other side is the jaw side.

Bob-Cut Hairstyle

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You are free to use this short haircut as scattered as you want because it looks so cluttered, so cool! In this version of bob-cut hair, which everyone knows is trending for many years, the back and front of the hair is shorter than the sides.

In addition, the front part of the hair starting from the nose has a layered style. This way the hair looks much more voluminous for black women.

Pixie Haircut


Ideal haircut for black women who want to add a different and a bit of rebellious look to their look with pixie haircut ideas down from front to back! This haircut, which is formed by separating from the side, does not need to be shaped because the back part of the hair is in a natural volume appearance due to folds.

If you want a more original look, you should definitely give them a chance to the haircut that edges should be shaved short. The top and fronts are a little longer, but this haircut is so short that it’s just wash-out style!

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