Best 7 Short Haircuts Ideas For Black Women


Short haircuts are chic and trendy. It makes you look more fashionably active than any other hairstyle. Also, another advantage of short hair is they are quite manageable and reduces your hair expenses. These short haircuts flatter black women a lot. So here are some short haircuts ideas for black women to help you get your own look.

Curly Pixie Mohawk

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Get a mohawk haircut but do not shave the sides of your head. Curl the hair and you have a cute retro look to show off. If you want to add some more fun, you can add some colors or highlights to make the haircut more edgy. Have fun with new look.

Scarlet Pixie Cut


Pixie cut is cute and sexy. It has layers in your short length. Adding some colors to your hair in this cut makes it more bold and statement maker. If you don’t want colors, you can always curl your hair or make it wavy and you’ll have a new look within minutes. Trust me, pixie cut looks amazing with curls.

BangsShort Haircuts Ideas


Short haircuts with bangs makes you look a lot younger and adorable. You can pull of sexy look with this haircut as well. But there is a myth that bangs don’t look good on curly hair or wavy hair. Well you’re wrong. You can Google it and see, there are so many girls pulling off bangs boldly in their wazy as well as curly hair. So don’t think so much, just go for it.

Tapered Cut With Featured Crown.


This is bold look. But you can pull this off with little confidence. The hair in this hairstyles are pretty short except the crown hair. Crown hairs are kept long in feature cut. Add some colors to turn more heads than usual. You can dye your hair platinum for an absolute look.

Dramatic EdgingShort Haircuts Ideas


You don’t have to cut all of hair to get a look. Also, it is not necessary to always have an orderly cut. You can play with you edges. You can have app term at the back or in the side. Let the remaining hair freely fall. Yes, it is a bold move but that’s how you will stand out in a crowd.

Layered Short Hair


If you don’t want anything too bold, but some subtle haircut but you still want to look different, then look no further; this is the best hairstyle for you. Layered hair looks beautiful on short as well as long hair and is not just restricted to straight hair.

You can pull this look even if you have curly or wavy hair, actually it looks more unique with curly hair. Another point, it looks good on almost every face cut making it perfect for every woman.

Shaved and Bleached


If you are looking for a hairstyle to make a strong and bold statement, you can give a thought about this hairstyle. This is an absolute head turner but it is equally bold.

Not everyone can pull this look. So think a lot before getting this hairstyle. You can get your sides shaved first and then come to a conclusion.

Best 55 Short Haircuts Ideas! For Black Women – (Pictures)

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