African Hair Braiding styles – Easy or Tough?

Africa’s average population is the youngest amongst all the continents; & having the largest young population the trends of Africa are followed worldwide. African girls normally love to fashion braids all around their hair which are popularly known as the African Hair Braiding Styles.


They create these braids because of the frizzy hairs that they have. It’s a thing for the people with frizzy hair that their hairs don’t look good in any ordinary hairstyle. because frizzy hairs have their own typical property of being unmanageable and as they look so they have to be treated specially according to their normal properties.


Afro-American females love to as they are the easiest way to manage those frizzy locks.

Afro Creative Braiding Styles (African Hair Braiding Styles)


Hair braiding style or afro-american women have attracted people’s attention to itself for a long time as they are made a little. different from what the normally patterned braids made by other women look.

The hairs are finely combed and divided into different parts, each part consisting of a small bunch of hairs, then all such bunches. are taken one by one & each of them are braided into one lock by taking the hair from the root and braiding till the very end.

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Every such lock is braided in such a way that it forms a certain pattern. and then all these locks are taken together and arranged in a sort of different style making the hairs look beautifully styled, less frizzy and managed properly.

Steps to make a braid:

  • Prepare your hair.

First wash your hair as usual, then DEEP condition them to help soften your strands. After rinsing your conditioner out, use a Wide-tooth comb to brush out all the tangled hair, starting from the ends and working towards the roots.


  • Decide where your part will be. 

Cornrows can be made in any direction, so it is important that you observe where your part will be before you start braiding. The two common parting-styles are either in rows from your hairline straight back to the strait of your neck, or brai in a circular motion around the head from a center part.


  • Section your hair.

 Take a spray bottle and fill it with water and a little bit of olive oil, and shake it well. Then, spray through the section of hair you are working in. Use comb to separate off this section of hair in a row through your head.

The smaller is the part, the smaller the braid; the larger is the part, the larger the braid. Use butterfly clips to hold your remaining hair in place and off your face.


  • Begin your first Braid Cornrow. 

Take the sectioned part of hair in one of your hand, and pull a small amount from the very top (near your hairline) away from the rest of the bunch. Take this small amount of hair into three sections of equal size.

Start with braiding these three pieces in the ; overlap the right-most section over the middle section, then cross the left-most section over the middle section, back and forth.


  • Add in more hair to your cornrow.

The cornrows are made by braiding your sectioned hair in a very close to your head. As you work through your parted section of hair, continue your braid in the same way you begun it.

Further, as you braid, take small portions of hair from the un-braided part and join them into each strand that you cross over the middle section.


  • Finish your cornrow.

When you get to the strait of your neck, you may run out of hair. If your hair is short, you will end your cornrow by twisting the ends of the braid into one to secure them and prevent unraveling.

If your hair is longer, you will continue your cornrow after the strait of your neck in a regular braid. Twist the ends to secure the braid, when you’re done.

African Hair Braiding styles 2019 Gallery


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