African American Hairstyle For Long Hair

It y’s many options for african american long hairstyle was looking for, you’re a natural girl, a lover of relaxation, or if they want to reach the length using hair extensions. Try the following looks that are perfect for your beautiful long hair. LOB (long Bob), that the style of this season came to a whole new level.


Additional lures, deeply asymmetrical parts, beachy waves. the possibilities are endless for the praise. The best part is that this long Bob hairstyles are easy to style and get nowhere.


How to format a Bob haircut long hair

  1. After the shampoo and condition of the hair with a shampoo sulfate, apply mascara volume mousse from roots to the ends. Fine tooth comb to make sure it is evenly distributed.
  2. Dry the hair with a big round brush in the middle. Make sure the article and cut your hair, not drying upwards and out of the way. This makes it easier to round brushes.
  3. Lift the incredible drying hair to give it the volume upwards.
  4. Once the hair dry, ends the curl of the meaning alternating with a big iron of 1 ½-inch barrel. While you are renting the mists with cool average loops (or continue to work).
  5. When finished, turn the hair and shake in the trunk. Mapping around face and mist curl again with lacquer



Top, bottom half of the half: Super simple format, that look of African-American hairworks all textures. Use a covered elastic or Bobby throws the hair above the bolt head, plush finish at the level of the ears.


Waves in bulk: look for soft waves, beautiful long, black hair, and Lazio can achieve through sections randomly to wrap the iron. I use a 1′ from the canon to the smaller waves and ideal for large.


Monkey: breads (muffins loose and confused) are an option for a simple, warm and great style with long hair. Pull the hair to one side and make it easy with a pony tail holder. Wrap the ponytail around it, make a monkey messed up with pins to secure. Pull a few strands of framing in the face look even more impressive.


Beautiful braids: divide your hair in half, forming a braid tight sides for a retrospective. Attach the ends of the braids in the neck or in the middle of the scalp to further refine. Braids has the additional advantage of being a protective style for African-American hair(african american long hairstyle), so it is considered in the routine of your hair every week.

African American Hairstyles for Long Hair Pictures

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