2019 Trendy Bob Hairstyles For Black Girls


If you are a beautiful black lady with naturally thick and curly hair, maintaining long hair can be very difficult and tiresome for you. So, there is an option of cute, trendy bob hairstyles for black girls. Bob hairstyles are cool, versatile, innovative and easy to maintain. Bobs are suitable for the most difficult types of hair.

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Whether you have thin or thick hair, straight or curly, there is surely a Bob hairstyle that will suit you. Today you have plenty of techniques and various styles of Bob hairstyles. Sleek straight Bobs are pretty impressive while Wavy or curled Bobs allow you to look different. An interesting variation of Bob styling is to keep your hair flat at the roots and weave it into curls at the ends.

Cool Trendy Bob Hairstyles For Black Girls

Straight Long Hair Bob Hairstyles

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Black women look good because they can dye their hair in crazy colors. With a long colorful Bob, you might feel confident and look gorgeous. It is one of the best trendy Bob hairstyles for black girls.  For a change, you can go for longer strands in the front and choose turquoise ombrecolour that is trending this season. You can also go for grey colour. Grey hair is not for older aged woman now. You can look chic and in grey hair colour.

If you have a long or oval face, you can try out long layered Bob hairstyle. It comes with a middle parting and helps to emphasize your natural features while hiding imperfections at the same time. You can opt for highlights in the front . It will add glow to your face and make it look brighter than before.

Curly Hair Trendy Bob Hairstyles For Black Girls

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If you have naturally frizzy hair, you can have a curly Bob with side parting. The woman with small heads and delicate facial features can have a curly Bob from the roots to the end. For a change, you can go for golden colour at the bottom that makes this hairstyle look so fresh and daring.

Short Hair Bob Hairstyles


You can go for asymmetrical Bob with blond and pink colour. It will look sophisticated and modern and right Colour combo can make it look incredibly sleek and stylish.   The other option is sleek short Bob in which the length of hair is above the shoulders that makes it an ideal hairstyle for women who have long and Beautiful necklines.

Women who have bony facial features can go for a short Bob with undercuts. In this you can get one of the sides trimmed and leave the other side longer. Also get a side fringe to have the coolest and most innovative hair style.

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With short hair too, you can get bangs. For this, you leave the top of your head to grow a bit longer and then comb it in the front. A woman who wants to have softer, younger features can go for short Bob with straight fringe. This Bob is really short and covers the whole face uniformly without hiding the face.

These are some Cute Bob hairstyles for black women.

2019 Trendy Bob Hairstyles For Black Girls Gallery

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